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To Be Living Servants of God

At Perryville Church of Christ, we strive to live as Christ would live in our day-to-day lives. We believe that God's Son Jesus came to the earth and, having no sin himself, paid the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross for our sins; then, through his resurrection three days later, he overcame death. We hope to expand the community of God by making disciples of Christ through confession and baptism, and we seek to build up disciples in their faith after their conversion. We are a family. We help and guide one another through happy and sad times. We believe that we are stronger together, functioning as one body with many parts and functions.

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Churches of Christ are autonomous congregations bonded together by our love of God and our desire to use the Bible as our only creed. At Perryville Church of Christ, we have elders and deacons who serve as the leaders of our congregation. We sing a capella, using our natural instruments that God has given us.  We partake in the Lord's Supper every Sunday to remember the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made when he died on the cross. Observing this commemoration helps us to place ourselves in the right mindset for the week ahead. An offering plate is also passed around every Sunday to collect the church's operating and missionary funds. Visitors are not expected to give, and we thank you if you choose to give.

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